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Chad K. Molen, DDS, Certified, University-trained Endodontist
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   Root Canals
   Root Canals
Tooth extraction or root canal? Read these important tips before choosing a treatment.
Saving your teeth provides the greatest dental and cosmetic results, protects your overall dental health and saves you money and time. Extraction may seem economical and quick, but in the long run can be costly. More than 40 million teeth are extracted each year. Many of these extractions are unnecessary. Root canal specialist and Endodontist, Dr. Chad Molen, offers these tips for the greatest overall dental health:
Complications that can occur as a result of extraction:

Other associated risks of extraction and replacement include: infection, implant failure, allergic reactions and rejection.

You can avoid these additional complications and costs by seeking a second opinion from an endodontist. There is a time and place for extractions, implants, dentures and bridges, but your first choice should be to save your natural teeth whenever possible.

The majority of dental insurance plans cover endodontic treatments -- root canals, retreatments, apicoectomies, pulpectomies and pulpotomies. Call us today at South Mountain Endodontics,
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